China Casino’s casino promotes prized promotions every day, week and month.
These promotional activities all have attractive rewards, such as cash and sitting points.
Keep an eye on these activities, you will have unexpected gains.

China Casino launches a daily tournament grandly!
We will accumulate your winnings, and the
one who wins the most every day will get an extra $200!

  • Only players who choose to play in the gambling mode are eligible to participate in the daily tournament.
  • The accumulated daily tournament winnings start at 12:00 noon Beijing time and end at 11:59 noon the following day.
  • The championship of the daily tournament will be generated in time at 11:59 noon, and the prize money will be received immediately!
  • The money won by Zhuangzhuang will also be counted.
  • The scoreboard is updated every hour

When you deposit funds into your casino account for the first time,
China Casino will provide you with an equal bonus of 20% of the deposit amount
to repay your trust in our casino. (Bonus up to USD 200)

When you play as a player every dollar bet you will get a little sitting points;
when you push the player every dollar bet you will get a little sitting points.
The minimum points for sitting on the bank is a basic condition for pushing the bank.

For the first bet you deposit, we will reward you with twice the stake points!
If you deposit 200 dollars for the first time, you will have 400 points immediately.
The more you save money, the more points you have, there is no upper limit!

Of course, you can also convert your accumulated points to cash according to a certain ratio!
Please go to the financial management page, select’deposit’ and then select’change of points’,
click OK, the conversion is completed instantly, and the conversion rate will be displayed at the same time.

Only choose the gambling mode to enjoy this service.

Special bonus: If you introduce your friends to our casino gambling,
they will register to our China Casino Tzuozhuang Casino through your connection.
If they deposit the bet in the casino to start the game, you will get an introduction of $25 immediately fee
introduce more friends to join the game, then your referral fees will be a considerable income.